As a REALTOR® I am always looking for ways to provide better service to my clients. Often we are asked to provide information that requires a time commitment that isn’t always providing the ROI we need. How does one find the delicate balance of rendering great customer service while at the same time performing tasks that put money in your pocket?

Along comes the perfect tool; RPR®, Realtors Property Resource®, a tool that is available exclusively to a REALTOR®. If you haven’t heard of it, you will.

What are some of it’s features you ask?

  • 100% owned and operated by NAR, the National Association of Realtors®. A multi-step process required to authenticate for access.
  • It is available in desktop, laptop, and smartphone versions. I can sync my favorites, add notes and photos to properties, and email reports to you all WITHIN MINUTES!
  • It offers NATIONAL database information, not just local to your local market.
    • 160 million properties
    • 2 million active listings
    • 07 million distressed properties
  • I can access and provide comprehensive report data that is guaranteed to WOW my clients. And I can research and provide a report WITHIN MINUTES!
  • For BUYERS: I can research information on schools, provide repair cost estimates, critical commute times to work, etc.
  • For SELLERS: I can provide a better-than-average NEIGHBORHOOD ANALYSIS of market conditions, evaluate comparable properties and recent sales. I can even provide information on how distressed properties affect your home and tips on what you need to do to get the most money if you decide to sell.
  • For INVESTORS: I can help you find the ideal investment property and a comprehensive report on the many things you require. No more reliance on websites that only provide shallow reporting.

Please watch the video below for a glimpse of how I have the advantage over other Real Estate Brokers. For 2017, it’s my SECRET SAUCE!

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