What you don’t know can cost you time and money when it comes to selling your house. The best source of information is your real estate agent, and we’ve put together a growing list of helpful resources about the home selling process. When you’re ready, call REBECCA HOWARD at 708-703-0684 to discuss how we can help sell your house.

How much is my home worth?

How To Get Your Home Ready For Sale in 2018

Checklist to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Are you thinking you might sell your home in 2018? Getting your home ready to sell can be challenging. I know… I’ve done it a few times myself. So I’ve made it as possible for you…5 easy steps. Here is my Checklist to Get Your Home Ready to Sell. I’ve made it sooooo easy for you, … Continued

6 Steps to Selling a House

Selling a House

You’ve probably heard that selling your house can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few basic steps. When selling a house what you don’t know can cost you time and money. We’ve put together an easy guide with 6 steps to selling a house that may help you as … Continued

Pricing Your Home to Sell

The goal when you’re selling a home is to sell it as quickly as possible for the best return on your investment. To do this successfully, you’ll need to set your asking price correctly right from the start. Set your price too high and your home may sit on the market. Price your home too … Continued

My 2017 REALTOR ‘Secret Sauce’ to Serve My Clients

female chef making secret sauce

As a REALTOR® I am always looking for ways to provide better service to my clients. Often we are asked to provide information that requires a time commitment that isn’t always providing the ROI we need. How does one find the delicate balance of rendering great customer service while at the same time performing tasks … Continued

How to Sell Your Expired Home

Why do some homes seem to never sell? I’ve seen homes listed by the same agents over and over again, but the end result is the same. There are a lot of reasons a home won’t sell, but each one of them can be solved with the right tools and methods. Yes the price is often the … Continued

How to Choose the Best Offer When Your Home Sells

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Now you must finally decide on which is the best offer to accept. Read this article and discuss with your agent if you need more help. These tips should help greatly. 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Offer for Your Home From the Desk of: G. M. Filisko Published: February 10, 2010 Have … Continued

Home Inspection – Deal Killer or Life Saver

For anyone buying a home there are numerous expenses that are required even before the closing date. Buyers are always looking at their budget to determine what is required versus what might be an optional expenses.  One expense that many feel is optional is having a home inspection completed.  This is in part due to the cost. … Continued