Rebecca is absolutely AMAZING!

Rebecca is absolutely AMAZING! We were so worried and did a lot of research prior to picking our realtor because this is our first home purchase and from day 1 Rebecca was so prepared so knowledgeable and ready to jump right in.

On day 1 she greeted us with a folder with great information about the homes we wanted to go see and selected a couple of additional homes that were in our price range and in the area we were looking in just in case the homes we wanted to see did not work out.

What we loved the most is how knowledgeable she is about homes and the setup, she told us the things that are great vs things that depending on the buyer may not be preferred. She has been very honest and transparent, through this whole process we have felt like she has had our best interest in mind when advising us on next steps.

When we found the home that we loved on day 1 of working with her she was very timely with every step following (drawing up the offer, reaching out to vendors if needed, providing us with deadlines and next steps). We can’t say enough to truly capture how amazing it is to work with her and how lucky we were to find her.

She has a wonderful support team member who assured us if we needed any additional assistance we could also reach out to him and the most important and best review we could give is how professional she and her team support are. Thank you so much Rebecca and EJ! You two definitely work very hard to make the process as seemless as possible!

She is gold pure gold

If you want to be respected, listened to, treated as a true customer should she is the way to go. Her knowledge is evident, no pressure. She finds you what you’re looking for not what she wants or needs to sell. Very rare to find kind and honest and professional people in general and everyone she referred was as amazing as her. My spouse trusted her and that is amazing especially since being burned. So it’s no exaggeration to say Rebecca is a shining star in her field and those of us who experienced her as our choice could not be more happy. She is gold pure gold.