For anyone buying a home there are numerous expenses that are required even before the closing date. Buyers are always looking at their budget to determine what is required versus what might be an optional expenses.  One expense that many feel is optional is having a home inspection completed.  This is in part due to the cost. In the Midwest, I have seen this cost range from $350 to $700 or more.  Why would anyone want to spend that kind of money before the purchase? Good question. It depends on how you look at it.

always advise my clients to have a home inspection. Sure, it might slow down the transaction a bit.  Would you rather experience: diving in head-first and later on finding out that there is underlying issues that are not visually apparent, and later on could cost you a ton of money to correct?  Or perhaps you really like a condo unit and later you learn the building needs a roof replacement and to cover the cost, the association might impose a “special assessment” because the condo association does not have sufficient reserves to cover the cost?  That could be painful on an already stretched housing budget. Sellers too benefit greatly from a pre-list home inspection. It’s better to have your home seen through the objective mind of a certified home inspector.  Any problem areas noted in the report can be addressed before the home goes on the market which ultimately will give the seller peace of mind knowing that the home is ready for sell.

Introducing: KGM Home Inspection

Introducing: KGM Home Inspection.

Kevin Mathers runs a very tight ship and has recently added on an additional staff person to his team, Jared, because things are getting really busy lately at his place.  Guess that comes with the territory, right Kevin? I have referred KGM Home Inspection to a number of my clients and they were extremely satisfied with how thorough and prompt his reports are prepared. Give Kevin a call: (815) 370-6644.

My purpose is for you to be so outrageously happy with the help I provide that you’ll gladly introduce me to at least two people you really care about before the transaction closes.

Not because you feel obligated, but because you truly believe they’ll benefit.

Just wanted to check in with you and ask… how am I doing?

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